How to choose a good domain name?

The domain name is a bit like your P.O. box but on the internet.

How to choose a good domain name?

The domain name is a bit like your P.O. box but on the internet. This is where Internet users go to get in touch with you. Needless to say, it must be chosen with the greatest care. Between htpp and https protocols, the novice doesn't always know where to start... Lost between the terms "domain", "sub-domain" and "extensions", he's afraid to make mistakes... Calm down.

Calm down, calm down. You've come across the article you needed.

What to choose between http and https?

Meaning Hypertext Transfer Protocol, http is a communication protocol established between the server and a website. If you have chosen a security certificate, this acronym changes from http to https. Let's be clear: between http and https, the question does not arise. You should always opt for an https protocol, symbolized by a small padlock next to the url bar, which guarantees the confidentiality of your website visitors' data. If you plan to attach a shop to your brand name , it is simply indispensable. Before entering their bank details, prospects will be looking for this badge, a guarantee of protection.

If it is not present, there is not a chance that they will be able to complete their purchases. Another important argument: some web browsers prevent browsing on websites without SSL certificates. This means that some of your potential customers will never see your beautiful homepage... Don't let them slip through your fingers because of such a gross mistake.

What are the 3 elements of a domain name?

Attention, this is a warning. If you don't have any computer knowledge, this article is written in such simple terms that you will have no trouble understanding. Reassured? It's time to discover the 3 characteristics of a domain name.

1) The sub-domainThis

is the classic "www" that is found at the beginning of the URL of most sites. Acronym of the expression World Wide Web, it is less and less visible on modern sites.Thus, a site can be described as or

The second method is increasingly popular. Simpler, more fashionable and easier to read, the removal of the sub-domain is becoming a standard.

2) The domainIn

the previous example, it is "site-internet". This is where you enter your brand name or the name under which you wish to make your platform known.

3) The domain name extension

.fr,. com, .shop,. org... The domain name extension is the part that is located just after the point following the domain name. Note that a website can have several extensions if its owner decides so.